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of noi non abbiamo patria – we have no country

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Ukraine: questions on internationalism and the «community»

English translation of the italian text Ucraina: domande sull’internazionalismo e la «comunità». Following the two articles of this blog, The truth in wartime [“La verità in tempo di guerra“] and The mobilization that does not exist and the internationalist expectation [“La mobilitazione che non c’è e l’aspettativa internazionalista“], some sporadic events are happening in the stalemate of an ongoing militaryContinua a leggere “Ukraine: questions on internationalism and the «community»”

A normal school day in the modern life

Lorenzo Parelli was 18 years old when he died crushed by a steel beam that fell down inside the factory building where he was working. Lorenzo was a young student from Udine (North East Italy) and he attended the fourth year at the professional institute of industrial mechanics. As typical for the public schools inContinua a leggere “A normal school day in the modern life”

Antibiotics, vaccines and pandemic

The growing concerns of the subjectivities of the necessity of the capitalist mode of production. English translation of Antibiotici, vaccini e pandemia Noi non abbiamo patria What about medical progress? On January 21th an article appeared in The Economist describing a truly alarming content (and also with some chauvinistic accents towards the Asian countries). The so-called capitalist progress,Continua a leggere “Antibiotics, vaccines and pandemic”


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