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The tree of the rule of law and the unequal forest

On December 20, 2022 immediately after the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the Cospito case this blog published an article entitled Alfredo Cospito: not guilty! This title was meant to counter the rhetoric of the state confirming the harshest of convictions against the anarchist guilty of his terrorist actions. Alfredo Cospito’s actions, on the other hand,…

Alfredo Cospito: not guilty

English translation of the article “Alfredo Cospito: innocente” 20 Dicembre 2022 Piazza del Quirinale, 41, Rome [1]. The Constitutional Court confirms the legitimacy of the State to defend itself by any means against man, the anarchist Alfredo Cospito who causes so much fear to those who defend the equal right between unequals, the private ownership…

Roma Caput Mundi? The Plague

Roma the master of the world? Again? Yes, maybe, again possible? But not by the hand of Roman Old Age Society. What is if Rome becomes the center of an epidemic, which then quickly becomes a pandemic? We already have a swine fever epidemic at home, the poor wild boars, driven from their woodland habitats…

Ukraine: questions on internationalism and the «community»

English translation of the italian text Ucraina: domande sull’internazionalismo e la «comunità». Following the two articles of this blog, The truth in wartime [“La verità in tempo di guerra”] and The mobilization that does not exist and the internationalist expectation [“La mobilitazione che non c’è e l’aspettativa internazionalista”], some sporadic events are happening in the stalemate of an ongoing military…

Ukraine and avant-guard legacy mistakes

This blog suggests reading of this text “War in Ukrain: Ten Lessons from Syria” published by Crimethinc that reports point of view, analysis, lessons and about what is to be done coming from a collective of Syrian exiles and their comrades. This blogs would take part of a common debates that internationally is involving a…


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