Riot, black worker and white worker, class and racism

English translation of Noi non abbiamo patria‘s text about recent debate regarding the George Floyd uprising from the book Riots! George Floyd Rebellion 2020. Fatti, testimonianze e riflessioni edited by Calusca City Lights and comrades and published by Edizioni Colibrì. Italian original text Riot, operaio nero e operaio bianco, classe e razzismo – December 15thContinua a leggere “Riot, black worker and white worker, class and racism”

There is only one part of the fence …

Against the mass capitalist compulsory vaccination. On the side of women subjected to the double oppression of gender and class and the commodified alienation of their bodies, the revolutionaries support the claim for autonomy of dispossessed female bodies that proudly praises the shout of freedom “ I am mine! “ . And they support itContinua a leggere “There is only one part of the fence …”

The old and new slavery

English realease of Noi non abbiamo patria Italian original writings here Slavery has never died out. Capitalist industrialism development has never deleted it and has always taken advantage of it to expand the accumulation, concentration of capital and the exploitation of socially realized surplus value through the domination of the workforce. Slavery is the foundationContinua a leggere “The old and new slavery”

Open the umbrellas!

Original Italian text It rains on the Arctic ice sheet of Greenland Rivers and lakes form on the Antarctic crust in Greenland. Not even a few weeks have passed when Northern Europe suffered the latest in a growing series of catastrophic storms and floods of cities and villages due to the flooding of rivers. ThousandsContinua a leggere “Open the umbrellas!”

The myth and the veil of South Africa anti apartheid democracy is cracking down

South Africa protests began when former President Jacob Zuma has been condemned guilty by Suprem Court for corruption and imprisoned in jail the 29th June. Zuma was the first Zulu South Africa president. Few days later Zuma’s supporters initiated protests from Guateng and KwaZulu-Natal past Monday. Guateng and KwaZulu-Natal are blacks poor ghetto lands aroundContinua a leggere “The myth and the veil of South Africa anti apartheid democracy is cracking down”

The systemic racism of racial capitalism also kills the young white proletarian

Original italian writing 17-year-old Hunter Brittain was killed by a police sergeant during a routine traffic control on the early morning of 23th June. Young Hunter Brittain was unarmed and had no “suspicious” attitude when his truck was stopped by the police car on Arkansas 89 road. The police sergeant, without any warning or hands-onContinua a leggere “The systemic racism of racial capitalism also kills the young white proletarian”

The Winston Boogie Smith’s assassination by an U.S. Marshals Officer

I just read about recent events and how the 32 years old black man Winston Boogie Smith found his end of live in front an U.S. Marshals officer that killed him the 3rd June around 14.02 at the Hennepin County near out from Minneapolis. His killing events are not clear, but it is sure heContinua a leggere “The Winston Boogie Smith’s assassination by an U.S. Marshals Officer”


published on April 17th 2021 La guerra alla pandemia dell’uomo capitalistico There is a premise to be made and the reader will excuse me if it is a bit long. Because when we talk about the “war”, the objective relations produced by the overall capitalist relations of production are themselves to determine whether the proletariat canContinua a leggere “THE CAPITALISTIC MAN WAR AGAINST PANDEMIC”

Italy goes to war in the heart of Africa, Italy is our enemy

published on April 28th 2021 L’Italia va alla guerra nel cuore dell’Africa, l’Italia è il nostro nemico Italians are “good people” in the Sub-Saharian Sahel. This is the business card with which Italian colonialism and Italian imperialism uses to introduce itself in Africa (Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and now in the border areas such asContinua a leggere “Italy goes to war in the heart of Africa, Italy is our enemy”