Roma Caput Mundi? The Plague

Roma the master of the world? Again? Yes, maybe, again possible? But not by the hand of Roman Old Age Society. What is if Rome becomes the center of an epidemic, which then quickly becomes a pandemic? We already have a swine fever epidemic at home, the poor wild boars, driven from their woodland habitatsContinua a leggere “Roma Caput Mundi? The Plague”

Ukraine: questions on internationalism and the «community»

English translation of the italian text Ucraina: domande sull’internazionalismo e la «comunità». Following the two articles of this blog, The truth in wartime [“La verità in tempo di guerra“] and The mobilization that does not exist and the internationalist expectation [“La mobilitazione che non c’è e l’aspettativa internazionalista“], some sporadic events are happening in the stalemate of an ongoing militaryContinua a leggere “Ukraine: questions on internationalism and the «community»”

Ukraine and avant-guard legacy mistakes

This blog suggests reading of this text “War in Ukrain: Ten Lessons from Syria” published by Crimethinc that reports point of view, analysis, lessons and about what is to be done coming from a collective of Syrian exiles and their comrades. This blogs would take part of a common debates that internationally is involving aContinua a leggere “Ukraine and avant-guard legacy mistakes”

The Canadian Freedom Convoy

God does not play dice with the universe Albert Einstein He responds with this sentence to Niels Bohr whose scientific theory tended to completely deny the principle of scientific determinism in the face of the limits of understanding of new phenomena in the world of physics according to the canons of traditional mechanical physics. EnglishContinua a leggere “The Canadian Freedom Convoy”

A normal school day in the modern life

Lorenzo Parelli was 18 years old when he died crushed by a steel beam that fell down inside the factory building where he was working. Lorenzo was a young student from Udine (North East Italy) and he attended the fourth year at the professional institute of industrial mechanics. As typical for the public schools inContinua a leggere “A normal school day in the modern life”

Antibiotics, vaccines and pandemic

The growing concerns of the subjectivities of the necessity of the capitalist mode of production. English translation of Antibiotici, vaccini e pandemia Noi non abbiamo patria What about medical progress? On January 21th an article appeared in The Economist describing a truly alarming content (and also with some chauvinistic accents towards the Asian countries). The so-called capitalist progress,Continua a leggere “Antibiotics, vaccines and pandemic”

Riot, black worker and white worker, class and racism

English translation of Noi non abbiamo patria‘s text about recent debate regarding the George Floyd uprising from the book Riots! George Floyd Rebellion 2020. Fatti, testimonianze e riflessioni edited by Calusca City Lights and comrades and published by Edizioni Colibrì. Italian original text Riot, operaio nero e operaio bianco, classe e razzismo – December 15thContinua a leggere “Riot, black worker and white worker, class and racism”

There is only one part of the fence …

Against the mass capitalist compulsory vaccination. On the side of women subjected to the double oppression of gender and class and the commodified alienation of their bodies, the revolutionaries support the claim for autonomy of dispossessed female bodies that proudly praises the shout of freedom “ I am mine! “ . And they support itContinua a leggere “There is only one part of the fence …”

The old and new slavery

English realease of Noi non abbiamo patria Italian original writings here Slavery has never died out. Capitalist industrialism development has never deleted it and has always taken advantage of it to expand the accumulation, concentration of capital and the exploitation of socially realized surplus value through the domination of the workforce. Slavery is the foundationContinua a leggere “The old and new slavery”